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Tuscan Chicken and Drinking Someone Else's Coffee

Dirty pans don't look so bad in black and white.

If I could choose to be endowed with any superpower I wished for, it would be Mary Poppins's snap.

Every night after dinner, when I've turned to Jello for the night, and I'm staring at a messy table and kitchen, and the kids just need to go to bed because I've had enough, and Kris is at a meeting or otherwise occupied, I wish for the snap power. It's hard work keeping the house to a livable standard when my bones are just done for the day.

Tonight's meal was especially good: Kris made Tuscan chicken. Actually, the base recipe is called Tuscan chicken, so we call it that then make whatever we want.

The way he made it today was to heat sesame seed oil in a skillet, add chicken pieces and seasonings. This is where nothing is ever the same twice. He and I both just throw in whatever sounds good: salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, oregano, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

Once the chicken is cooked, we added whipping cream and Parmesan cheese without measuring anything. He also threw in some mushrooms we needed to use up. It was TASTY! All that's left to show for it is the dirty pan in my dirty kitchen.

This is where the snap power would come in handy. You've turned to Jello? No problem! You could snap half asleep and still get the house cleaned up!

Just as we were about to eat, the stove started honking at us. No amount of pushing the buttons made the noise stop, sooo... handy, dandy, Mr. Internet to the rescue. It turns out that when a Whirlpool stove is flashing "F2E1," the touch controls aren't registering as connected to the thingy it connects to in the stove.

Kris had to pull out the stove and unplug it from way down by the floor, then we'll have to tear apart the panel. If that doesn't work, does that mean I get a new stove? Just kidding. Not really...

On a random note, I met with my friend, Mel, this morning for yummy coffee and to pray together. We talked, prayed, and drank the yummy coffee. After she left, I poured more coffee, only to realize I was drinking from her cup. Oops!

I'm done. I can feel my battery light blinking low. Time for bed.


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