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Tulips, Shoes, and a Happy Birthday

White tulips

Happy birthday to my husband today. To celebrate, I bought myself some flowers.

I had to get these tulips. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and that just made me happy as I went into Kroger today. It felt like Spring even though the temperature didn't leave the 20s.

The 20s isn't so bad. By February, the 20s feel like what 50 degrees feels like in September. Not bad at all.

I'm not sure how cold it has to be before some people wear long pants, though. No matter the weather, the snow, the sleet, the frigid temperatures, there's always someone dressed for August. They're the same ones who wear sock hats in August. I guess that is what floats their boat.

Today included an evening run for shoes for both children. Surprisingly, Kohl's had just what we needed. There wasn't the usual degree of disarray in the store, and we were able to find the right shoes within fifteen minutes.

We also found a super cute outfit for my new, super-cute nephew, cousin to the kids. Then Kal and Kara both picked out fabric for a baby blanket.


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