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The Un-Decorator's Tree

Christmas decorations bring back a flood of sweet memories. There are the ornaments Kal and Kara have made over the years, along with the ornaments from our friends' children in years past.

There are carved wooden ornaments from Grandpa and yarn in plastic canvas from Grandma.

There are ornaments for babies who are not with us anymore.

More ornaments remind me of my sisters, my grandma, my parents, and other special people in our lives.

I have a wall hanging that my second cousin made. Then there's a cross stitch piece from my friend's mom.

One of my ceramic trees I made with my great-aunt in Kansas City in her ceramics studio. Now I think pleasantly of her every time I see it.

Another beautiful ceramic tree was from my grandma, and it puts a smile on my face to see it.

Our tree and house will never look decorator-grade. I'm fine with that. It feels like a connection to loved ones to have visual reminders of them all over the place.

Kal's kindergarten ornament

Kara's first grade ornament

Plastic canvas from Grandma Walton

Wood turning from Grandpa Walton

A valiant try from beloved 1 1/2-year-old E


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