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Splish, Splash, Taking a Bath (In the River)

Playing in the river
Splashing in the river at the Seven Pillars

Today was perfect for splashing in the river. My friend and I took our kids to what is called The Seven Pillars in our county. It’s a rock formation along the Missessinewa River that resembles pillars. The opposite side of the river is land owned by the Miami Indian tribe in Indiana. There were a couple tribe members higher up on the banks by their trucks grilling something or other while dressed in their feather headdresses.

The water was low enough to allow our children to play in some of the shallow areas—ankle to knee deep. If you can insert the smell of river water and mud into the picture, you’ll have a good simulation of our day.

We saw a water snake at one point. Shudder. I prefer to see those in pictures instead of real life. No, I prefer not to see those at all. Snakes do nothing for me except send a chill down my spine.

Other wildlife included a great blue heron and a male Baltimore oriole. The oriole we saw as a glimpse of orange and black swooping up to a tree before we lost sight of him. I wish we could have seen him up close.

We interrupt this train of thought to put another load in the wash. We’re still working daily on the life skill of how to hang up nasty, wet things to dry instead of throwing them in a heap. Today’s heap included river clothes.

I wonder some days if I’m actually speaking English.

Other parts of the day:

  • Weekly prayer time with my friend this morning. It’s become one of the highlights of my week.

  • Getting nibbled by her bunny house pet.

  • A bike ride with Kara around the neighborhood.

  • Ice cream cones after playing hard in the river on a hot day. 89F is a scorcher, but the humidity was fairly low today, so it didn’t feel too bad.

  • Moving wedding and prom dresses out of my shop in case people get destructive during the planned protest tonight. I can’t understand the mentality it takes to be destructive. Laziness is inexcusable, but at least it doesn’t go around purposely destroying property. It takes a lawless lowlife to enjoy tearing up another person’s hard work. Our city and state, along with the rest of our great nation, are in our prayers.

  • Kal had a sleepover last night and good play time on the trampoline this morning with his buddies. Kara joined in on the fun.

  • I made blueberry muffins this morning. It’s fun to go to some trouble once in a while to make a moment special, even if it’s just breakfast. No complaints about the muffins.

  • Kris moved edging bricks from out of our garage to a friend’s house. I love seeing the empty space there. The bricks did nothing to flatter the landscaping, if you could even call it that, at our house when we moved in. That was the first to go. No, wait, the overgrown granny bushes were the first to go after move-in. Those made a fabulous fire.

  • Chatting with a neighbor I usually only see when she’s chasing her jailbreak dog.

  • Making a money update text for Kris. I take care of all the finances and accounts, but I’ve found bullet points work best for Kris in relaying relevant information to him. He’s not quite as fascinated as I by the charts, the schedules, the minute details of the grand plan. Basically, he needs to know if the light is green or red.

  • Getting smart water for Kal’s headache; finding out the cucumber lime flavor may as well have been swamp water slime flavor to him; going to a different store to get plain smart water. He can’t stand Gatorade, but he needs something to drink when he has a headache. Smart water it is. Water with electrolytes in it. Salty somethings with water also do the trick. I learned that from my Army medic sister.

  • Feeling very behind in sewing, but not regretting one minute I spent with my children today.


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