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Singing, Family, and a Singing-Family

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear." That's what Buddy the Elf said. I felt like singing loud for all to hear this past week the few times I ran into grumpy people in the stores. Mostly though, people were pleasant with each other and patient when they had to wait in line.

The day after Christmas. We started yesterday with kids begging Daddy to wake up so they could open gifts. He loves gift-giving, so it was pretty easy to get him up.

We always start the day with Bible-reading. Kris chose to read about how all the gifts we have (not just material, but time, relationships, resources, abilities, etc.) come from God. Something to remember every day, not just at Christmas.

We had Kris's family over yesterday, plus two of my brothers, and one sister and her husband. Lots of good conversation, laughs, tricks with the flame on the candlestick (EEK!), and music-playing.

Music-playing always means singing--which I love to do; some hymns, some Christmas songs, some songs written by family members. My brother, Joel, played a few Scott Joplin selections on the piano. It's a treat to hear him play.

Kara (child 2) received the new Aladdin movie, which we watched once we were filled to the gills with the ham, sweet potatoes, and pecan pie. I love watching good triumph over evil. That never gets old.

This morning, I cleaned up the last little bit of what we were too tired to do yesterday. The house looks decent again.

Christmas break will start for me around noon today. I have a little business to take care of at my shop, then I'm off until school starts. Part of the goal during this time is to help my kids organize their rooms and finish painting the kitchen cabinets.

We have an ugly kitchen, but we loved the rest of the house and property enough that the kitchen didn't matter so much when we bought the house earlier this year. It's on the list of upgrades/repairs to make to the house.

Until then, ugly it is, and that's okay.


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