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School Morning Fun

Beautiful, coral roses

Here's just a pretty picture to start. Kara chose these beautiful roses at the store last weekend. Oh, I love them!

What started out as comforting a fussy child last night turned into waking up at 6:16 AM this morning. Well, I won't worry about it; I know these days are short with my children.

I pulled out the Fall decorations at the shop yesterday to celebrate September 1st. That should be the official Fall start date. My home will get the same attention this weekend.

Getting out the door for school feels like running a mini marathon every morning.

  • Clothes? Check.

  • Deoderant? On actual skin not outside on clothes. Check.

  • Hair? Slick back. Check.

  • Backpack? Check.

  • All the papers, books, computers, lunches, extra stuff...? "Ummm, Mom, did you sign my behavior slip?" Scramble to sign. "Mom, did you plug in my computer?" "It's not my job to keep track of your stuff." "But now I'll have to miss recess!" "Pain is a great teacher!" Check.

  • Water bottles? "Mom, will you fill my water bottle (while I do this non-important thing)?" "Get it yourself!" Fills bottle. Check.

  • Mask. "Where's my mask? Why is everyone always moving my stuff? Did you take my mask? Oh, here it is." Check.

  • Breakfast? "I don't want cereal again, or eggs and toast, or oatmeal! Why don't we have good food for breakfast?" "Just eat something!" "I don't want anything!" "EAT!" And the refrigerator and cabinets are full of food. Eats. Attitude immediately changes for the better. "Mom, I'm so glad to have you." I feel bad for being harsh, but go in for a big hug and kiss. Check.

  • Socks and shoes? "Why do I have to wear socks with my shoes? Nobody else wears socks." "I don't want your feet being blistered, and your shoes will stink to high heaven if you don't wear socks." "Can I wear flip-flops?" "School policy says no." "But everyone else wears flip-flops!" "We're not everyone else; put on your socks and shoes!" "Mom, I can't get this knot undone!" Help with knots in shoes. Socks and shoes finally on feet. Check.

  • Fight with sister? Check.

  • Get out to car? "We had to go 10 minutes ago!" "Get in the car." "Stay on target." "Open the car door." "Close the car door." "Put on your seat belt." Check.

  • Fight with sister again? Check.

  • Settle down as we drive to school? Check.

  • Recite the Lord's Prayer? Check.

  • Gather bags, masks, etc. at second turn of school drive? Check.

  • Kisses just before they get out of car? Check.

  • My heart walks into the building with them? Check.

It's no wonder I'm exhausted by the time they actually go to school, but I wouldn't trade time with them for anything.


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