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Reese's Pieces for Lunch

Panda Express told me I have good fortune coming my way. Yay! Who couldn't use good fortune?

Actually, I already have good fortune. Not that life is easy-peasy--it's anything but that. But I choose to look for the good in life, and that's where the good fortune comes from.


Our family just went on a trip to the pretty side of Tennessee. It's all pretty, but the Smoky Mountain side is prettiest in my opinion.

By our family, I mean Mom, Dad, and all the brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces, and nephews from all the states. Only a couple couldn't make it.

We had a cabin stuck up at the top of one of the hills there. Hills is an understatement. My stomach was in knots driving up and down those hairpin curves and what felt like 75-degree angles. Not much makes me nervous. That does.

My poor car. After a time or two up and down the mountain, I was able to drive it better--still with knots in my stomach, but my car didn't need to know that.

I'll never get tired of holding squishy babies. In a family as large as ours, there always are babies, so those of us who don't have babies anymore got to hold babies to our hearts content.

I spent every available moment outside soaking in the sun and the view of the Smoky Mountains.

The Smoky Mountains. View from deck of cabin.

With Kara.

On the way to Tennessee, and on the way back, we stopped at a Buc-ee's. If you haven't been there, let me prep you by saying it is overwhelming.

If you like dashing in for a candy bar after pumping gas, just know you're in for a 1/4-mile hike no matter what you're doing in their huge complex.

You can buy a huge brisket sandwich or a new tea pot for your kitchen. Maybe a throw pillow or swimsuit. There's an entire wall of beef jerky.

They do have clean bathrooms. That's a plus in any place.

You still have to remember to lock the stall, though. I don't know where my head went, but I forgot to lock it, and the next lady that opened the door got an eyeful she wasn't expecting. Oops.

At least I'll never see her again in my life. No need wasting too much time being embarrassed about that.


Don't tell my mom, but I've eaten chips and Reese's Pieces for lunch all week. I didn't mean to. It's just what was around, and I was busy working.

I'm a grown woman, and I still feel like I'll get in trouble if Mom finds out I eat too much junk.

Who am I kidding? She already knows. Moms always know. The "eyes in the back of her head" thing is real and keeps going even if her kids are states away.


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