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Pop-Its and Ferraris

Not my Ferrari

Doesn't Ferrari have the horse symbol? It's not the usual car we see in Cornfield, Indiana.

Around here, the cool guys have trucks bigger and louder than mastodons, and the cool moms have cool vans and cool hair.

Occasionally, we'll see a Porsche. Cool car.

Not quite as cool as a Ferrari. This car was as red as nail polish, and even I, uncool mom in Cornfield, Indiana, knew what it was. He was stuck behind me for miles during a traffic back-up today.


Not my Pop It

Anyway, on to Pop Its. Pop Its are the new, cool toy. Well, cool for a kid. Kara has a bucket full of them now. Pop, pop, pop. The noise is endless as fidgety fingers pop and pop relentlessly on those silicone bubbles.

Silicone is great for keeping water out of places where water doesn't belong. It even shields hands from high temperatures. Great uses for silicone.

Somebody had the bright idea to transition from building use to noisemaker use. They're making enough money right now, they're probably on a beach somewhere popping the Pop Its all day long with not a care in the world. Smart move.

In my house, we are not on a beach. We are in a living room surrounded by pillows, blankets, and Pop Its. All. Day. Long.

Kara takes breaks from popping Pop Its to eat sugar. Sugar in any form works for her. I can't blame her, though; sugar in any form works for me, too.

Pop Its, though? Nah! Let Kara and her gal pals have those.


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