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Pizza Dough Doesn't Have to be Only For Pizza

pizza dough doughnuts
Pizza dough doughnuts, ready for powdered sugar

Necessity is the mother of invention. My mom always says that. Now I always say that because our parents start coming out of our mouths when we're parents.

Today's necessity: doughnuts.

Today's invention: pizza dough fried into doughnuts.

Kara asked for them this morning, and since we just aren't going anywhere unnecessary right now, plus I didn't feel like pulling out all the ingredients to make them, I decided to try frying the roll of pizza dough I had in the refridgertorator. (It's fun to mess up words on purpose.)

I cut strips, twisted them, and pinched the end together, then fried them in hot oil. Then the kids made up some powdered sugar icing for dipping the doughnuts. Yummy and easy!

We interrupt this thought to bring you to the current scene: Kris and the kids are in our bed just finishing out the day with some laughs and talking. Kal, the family clown learning from Kris, is entertaining the others with massive flatulence noises blown into his arm. I'm pretty sure age doesn't cure the fascination boys have with body noises.

We had a pretty slow evening before all this with Kal volunteering to make dinner tonight. He's very good at his French toast and scrambled eggs. He added ground sausage to today's version of eggs. During the meal, he kept saying he should have done this or that differently. All I tasted was the love he used to cook for us tonight. Mmmm...

With no school, no business appointments, and no sense of time, we've gone way off course in the normal flow of the day. I forgot this was trash day. Better not forget next week.

We also forgot to take the car to the mechanic.

This quarantine can't last forever. In the meantime, I am getting more sleep than I've had for about 11 years. I forgot what sleep felt like. As soon as I post this, I'll go refresh my memory again on it.


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