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More Wisconsin

We had a relaxing day yesterday here in Wisconsin. A hike to start the day; real, actual naps mid-afternoon for the mommies; "quiet" time for all the kids while they read; putting together a gingerbread village and train.

The gingerbread sugar project required some kits, all half-off after Christmas. That, plus a handful of other items, was on our list. An aerial view of the trail we took through the store to get those things would look like a spaghetti bowl. I had all the girls with me, and everything was fascinating to them. So, we stopped and looked at everything since we weren't on a time crunch.

My nephew showed his plants to me as soon as we arrived on Friday. Their sun room is filled with a variety of plants. He knows more about horticulture at eleven years old than I'll ever know.

My nieces all had projects to show me as well. It's fun to share in their excitement. Reminds me of being in the shoes of one of my aunts who made our day when my siblings and I were growing up by just showing interest in our lives.

We topped off the day by watching "It's a Wonderful Life."

It really is a wonderful life.


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