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Mom, I Folded the Laundry

Tonight was one of those nights I just couldn't come inside.

I endured the voluntary torture of dance fitness, but if you've read any previous posts, you know I actually think the classes are great fun. It doesn't really feel like a workout until I walk out of the classroom like a blob of Jell-O on slinky legs.

The fresh air outside after that was so enticing I went for a walk along the river nearby. I go at a fairly good clip, between 3-4 miles per hour. Mosey walks are for when... Um, I can't actually think of any time I mosey.

My kids are always telling me to slow down; I tell them I'm not walking that fast. Besides, if there is somewhere to go, why should I dilly-dally?

One of my sisters walks faster than I do, so there.

After the walk, I still couldn't come inside, but Child 1 needed something that required a small car trip. Windows down for more fresh air.

Then since I was still in my workout clothes, I went for an hour-long bike ride. Yay! I love feeling the wind in my hair!

A word to the wise: this is the season to keep your mouth shut when you're riding any conveyance faster than about 6 miles per hour.

The cluster bugs are out. I don't actually know what they're called, but they're like gnats and fly in huge clusters, and they get stuck in your teeth and hair--if you have teeth and hair. So keep your mouth shut when you're riding through the cluster bugs.

Forget cluster bugs for a minute: the honeysuckle is out. It's an invasive plant that, even as such, has a very sweet-smelling blossom.

So I enjoyed the scent of those while also enjoying the reality that I did not have to pull honeysuckle from my own yard. (Though I've had to pull about everything else. The ferns are next. They look great in the woods. They look like overgrown Peter Pan feathers next to my house. Another lovely vision from owners past that I have to rip out.)

After all that, I still didn't have enough fresh air and finished the night out with my friends, A and N, with lots of great conversation around the warmth of their campfire.


I don't know if you have children. If you do, have you ever told them to fold the laundry before they get _______ (insert Privilege A, B, C...)?

This is what my house looks like after my children are done folding all the laundry. (Where's the emoji with the eyes popping out?)

Mom, I folded the laundry!

I don't remember folding laundry for my mom this way. Her memory may differ from mine, though.

Now that I'm a mom, I have no doubt I did the least amount to get to the much better, more important things I had to do, too. (Now I need the blushing emoji.)

At least there's one bright spot in this picture: I had just vacuumed that rug.


And one last bit on our cute ball of fluff with teeth: may I introduce you to BunnBunn's butt?

He thinks I can't see him under the curtain by the bed. He hides away as if "There's nothing to see here!"

That's a bunny butt, in case you couldn't tell.


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