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Mini-Vacationing at Kroger

Saturday is almost over. Thursday, Friday, and this morning were filled to the brim with lovely brides and their now-nicely fitted dresses.

I have trouble getting writing in every single day during such a heavy wedding season. I was going to say I would keep trying, but Yoda is ringing in my ears: "Do or do not. There is no try."

Kal and I have been pulling up bricks from what must have been a nice patio at one time. We're re-using them in other areas of the yard to suit our needs better.

Under many of the bricks are ant farms. Each uncovered area would reveal baby ants in the top that the adults in the colony would scramble for 20 seconds or so to remove them from the sunshine and the gorgeous lady standing over their home with a shovel. They're fascinating to watch.

Today's bike ride was after 8:00 tonight. Many neighbors were out enjoying the fresh air. Several had outdoor gatherings. Everyone waved and smiled and just seemed to be having the best time. That's one thing I love about our neighborhood: people are just plain friendly.

Part of my ride took me past the cornfield and the horses near our house. I'll never tire of seeing them swish their tails and graze. Sometimes they watch whoever is going by, other times they just won't be bothered with it.

The air is smelling heavily of corn now. It's tall and fragrant.

I rounded out the day with a trip to Kroger by myself. When I'm by myself, I browse slowly up and down the aisles, taking four times as long as needed and buying plenty of unnecessary sugar.

That's because a solo trip to Kroger, for a mom, is a mini-vacation.


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