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Marriage Beyond the Wedding

We have internet again after 3 days without. It would blip out every day or so, we would reset it, unplug and re-plug the cord, things like that, and it would come back on usually.

This time, it just wouldn't. We've called Comcast before about this, and they'd look at their end--in India or wherever they are--and say the signal is strong. Then why won't it just work if the signal is strong?

They sent a flesh-and-blood technician today, not just the helpful guru in India. Apparently, it's a problem to have a tangle of cables and junk, left from the previous owners, in with the router and whatever else they put in there.

Those flesh-and-blood, real-life technicians cleaned that all up, waved their wand, and we have internet service again for real, not just for show on the helpful Comcast computer screen in India.


I'm back full force in alterations this week. The kids are just loving hanging out with Mom and pretty wedding dresses.

Dusty rose is a huge color this year for bridesmaids. The mothers end up often with bridesmaid colors, so more dusty rose dresses there, just with sleeves instead of spaghetti straps.

Lots of ivory or winter white wedding dresses this season. Not too many pure white.

Some brides have been panicked about when their wedding actually will get to happen, since, for weeks, restrictions have been in place for crowds.

Anyway, most brides are going ahead with the wedding, just a smaller version of it. Sometimes a minuscule version of the original plan. Most in this category plan to have the big bash later in the year.

Others moved their wedding date up or back.

Having been married for 15+ years, I am less attached to the actual day and fancy particulars in and of themselves. The point of the day was to get married; we got married; and we've stayed married.

The wedding day really was the start of an adventure. I didn't expect rainbows and cupcakes every day. I did find out some of my expectations were unrealistic, such as morning coffee outside on the deck with the love of my life.

The love of my life likes to sleep until 10 minutes before he has to go to work. So, no romantic cup of morning coffee outside on the deck with the love of my life.

In fact, we're wired so differently, that if we want to have any meaningful conversation, it has to be in the middle of the day. He's no good in the morning, I'm no good in the evening, midday is when we can talk. Even then, I find it best to arrange the conversation in bullet points.

Marriage sure is a trip.


Kara, the junior mom of the family, has made nests from the time she was a wee little one. Whether it was a car trip (even just to the grocery store) or going to bed at night, you can be sure she was arranging her comfortable things around her. And it all had to be perfect before she could settle.

I get a kick out of it. Her nests right now include the entourage of currently favorite stuffed animals, enough pillows for 15 friends, and a pile of blankets—the more the merrier.


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