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Life Is Hard So Stab An Eraser

I started out writing just now by complaining about this and that. All that is erased. That's not who I want to be, so it's off the screen.

My complaints were centered around some inconveniences I faced, which present themselves often.

Complaining doesn't solve anything. It just leaves a trail of whine in the air, online, and in people's ears.

Life isn't easy. Nobody said it would be. Anywhere worth going will be hard.

  • Raising children to be good, responsible adults is hard.

  • Making a good marriage is hard.

  • Running a business, or pursuing any sort of career, is hard.

  • Keeping the house orderly is hard.

  • Building good habits is hard.

  • Learning a new skill is hard.

  • Stepping out of a rut (familiar misery) is hard.

  • Choosing thankfulness instead of complaining is hard.

  • Change is hard.

  • Saving money is hard.

  • Weeding through the jungle of our yard is hard.

  • Living righteously in a dark world is hard.

That's fine. All those things are good to pursue.

What's easy?

  • Complaining

  • Laziness

  • Pointless anger

  • Bare minimums at home and work

  • Amusements

  • Waiting until tomorrow

So, that's my pep talk to myself to keep going through the hard parts of life. It will be worthwhile in the end.


Death by a thousand pencil stabs

As an aside, did you ever wonder what happens to the school supplies by the end of the school year? Here's an example of an eraser that, at one time, was the size of a candy bar.

It came back today in the bag of desk clean-out as a mangled, chewed, stabbed, torn, sad excuse for an eraser.

I will look on the bright side and assume the amusement one of my children had from abusing that eraser kept that child from getting in trouble in other ways.

We do have a resident beaver in the house. That beaver admitted to, ahem, eating bits of the eraser.

Didn't I just say raising children to be good, responsible adults is hard? I guess we still have our work cut out for us.


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