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Just Start Already

I saw a Pinterest pin that about made me hyperventilate: it was the 39 things to do before launching a blog.


I read through the list. It's not a bad list. It's just overwhelming.

This list went through the ways to make it polished and perfect right from the start. While that's expected for a big-name company, the whole list to me felt like voluntary chains.

Being prepared with perfect plans is good for a sting operation. Also for building a housing development or going on a deep-sea dive.

But just writing a blog? It doesn't have to be perfect to be legible or meaningful.

Had that list been stuck in my face before I started this blog, I would have given up right then. It's too discouraging for something that is, at the core, very simple: writing.

Sometimes you just have to start.

Do you want to write? Then write! What is stopping you?


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