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ISO: Self-Animating Cleaning Products

Today is Friday. We’ve been without an internet connection at home for two days. I didn’t realize how many times I mindlessly sit down to “check something really fast.” You know what that turns into: a cumulative of hours a day wasted on a brainless occupation.

I love Xfinity when it works.

I get lots of work done when it doesn’t.

My alarm started jingling at 3:45 this morning. Don’t be misled into thinking I got up that early. It took until 4:21 for me to pull myself out of bed. I have a few projects to work on before the day really gets going.

The first project is to eat. I wake up almost every day with hunger that borders on nausea. So, breakfast usually comes before anything. That turns into more breakfast every couple hours until noon. Then I don’t want much food the rest of the day. Or I’m so absorbed in sewing or whatever the work of the day is that I forget to eat. Kris doesn’t understand that part of me at all.

The other projects are some easy sewing work that I want to check off my list and off my mind. I work better when I knock out the easy work of the day first. It’s a sense of accomplishment that fueled the harder work.

Otherwise, the ideal morning before work and school, besides being punctuated by several breakfasts, includes setting up the house for success for the day.

House success, at least for me, is:

  • Starting the laundry of the day;

  • Prepping dinner for the day;

  • Quick pick up put away;

  • Making the bed (I have the kids make their own, and Kris often makes ours);

  • Swiping the bathroom with wipes.

I’ve decided that if those disposable wipes are what it takes to get the job done, the job of ick-control in the bathrooms, that’s what we’re getting.

So, if you come to my house, there are disinfecting wipes under my kitchen sink to take care of the main floor. There are more in the laundry room to service that level of the house. Plus, each bathroom has wipes. And Windex wipes. And Pledge wipes. Whatever just gets the cleaning jobs done, even if it goes against my frugal gene. We’ll cut something else if we need to be frugal. I just need a clean house, and this is how I do it for this season of life.

By the way, I still use Norwex cloths and other products. Those are the best ever. But if a Norwex cloth is in the hall closet with my official cleaning supplies, and I just need a quick wipe of the bathroom, I actually get the job done because the wipe is right there. If I walk to the hall closet, I risk forgetting what I came for, and the job never gets done.

Efficiency Rule Number 1: keep the supplies you need where you need them, even if it mean multiples of everything all over your house or workspace.

Another big factor in keeping throw-away wipes everywhere is it’s what works best with trying to train the kids to clean. They actually do it more often than when they have to pull out sprays and cleaning rags or go to the extreme effort of wetting a Norwex cloth.

I’ve been guilty of buying cleaning supplies with the secret wish that if I buy enough, they’ll actually come to life while we’re asleep and clean the house for me. So far, that hasn’t happened.


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