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Hygge is a Real Word

Kris cooked tonight at Bruno's Pizza. That turned into Target later, and a fun family outing. The trip was more fun for the kids if you look purely materialistically.

For instance, for all the fun tonight, I got two slices of pizza and a few mushrooms out of the deal. Plus, I got to transact business with the cashier and keep a smile on my face doing it.

Kal and Kara made out like bandits today. Guess who suddenly needs shirts, and books, and slippers, and a backpack, and presents for the cousins?

Oh, I did get one more thing: a candle. Kara and I sniffed all the scents before coming back to the very first one we sniffed. I just want my house to smell like we've been baking all day when we haven't been baking all day.

They're all snuggled in their beds now, Kal under his weighted blanket, and Kara somewhere under that pile of blankets. She piles and burrows. I totally understand that.

I'm learning about hygge. I didn't realize there was a real name for my happy lights and the coziness we ladies like to make in our homes, especially in the winter months.

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that captures the warmth of a cozy, welcoming home. It's pronounced "hoo-ga," and I didn't just make that up out of thin air.

A warm cup of a tasty beverage, while snuggled up on an easy chair to read during a rainy afternoon. That's hygge.

The happy lights I love to leave on, which are all those little lights everywhere that brighten every corner, that's hygge.

Soft, comfy blankets and the smell of cookies in the air is hygge.

There are many ways to achieve it.

And I just called it my happy lights. Well, they're actually my hygge lights.

I'm going for hygge pizza next time. That is where Kris cooks at Pick-Anywhere-Pizza, then I eat it at my leisure under a pile of blankets with a tasty, hot beverage, and my contented children and husband partaking in perfect harmony with one another as we all smile in our own made-for-Hallmark moment. Ahhh...


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