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Games, Biking, Protests, and Pizza

I love hearing Kris have fun with the kids. He played video games with Kal, all those hair-raising, first-person shooter games. Tetris is more my speed. You can tell the ladies don’t have much to do with game design.

If I designed a game, it would be along the lines of how many cans of corn can be stacked in the pantry before the shelf falls; or how big a pile of dirt can we sweep up before the dustpan won’t hold it anymore.

Actually, forget the games. Who has time for them? I’m stacking cans and sweeping dirt in real life!

We went on a family bike ride tonight. The family part lasted until two neighbors down, then Kara and Kris pulled away while Kal stayed back with me. I just wasn’t up to going fast. We had a nice ride together talking about the day.

The protests in our town last night turned into nothing. I’m praying that just continues to be the case. It’s hard to get our people riled up enough to protest in any sort of ugly fashion. We live in our small, quiet town because we like it that way.

Saturday is rumored to be a bigger demonstration with thugs bused in from Chicago. I’ll have to move all the dresses at my shop offsite again. Not an easy chore, but the consequences are worse if something bad really does happen at my shop. I’m praying this peters out as well. Most rumors are just that.

On to happier topics: we had the yummiest junk pizza tonight. Wednesdays turn into easy-food night. I’m exhausted from a hard day of sewing and fittings, and I usually haven’t even had time even to drink coffee. When Kris suggested East End pizza, I was quick to offer to pick it up while I was in town.

East End is mostly known as the ice cream shop here in town. It’s a walk-up establishment with some pick-i-nic tables outside. (How do you like my Yogi Bear impression?) The pizza part is in the back. Windows open, screen door, cash only. I love going to East End.

The pizza is really just a cracker with cheese, but they are generous with the toppings, and when you need a shot of grease and salt for the evening, this pizza does it. Actually, it’s not too salty from them, I just make it that way by my own liberal sprinkling of salt.


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