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Empathy in Prayer

Last night, an Amber Alert came over my phone with its blood-curdling beep. It has to be so abrasive to get attention, I guess.

I paused what I was doing and prayed for whomever was the subject of the alert, then continued with what I was doing.

Later on, I saw a picture to go with the alert, and just started bawling and praying hard for this little girl. Having a picture to go with the problem suddenly made it relatable for me.

How scared she must have been! What danger was she in? What must her family and friends be feeling?

I prayed for her the way I would want someone to pray if my own child were in such danger.

Thankfully, she was found safe.

I guess what is hitting me this morning is the need to pray for people we don't know. They are someone's son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild, student. God knows them.

Have some empathy and sympathy.


Our bunny is doing something called a binky. She tears around, leaps randomly, hops sideways, and twists in funny ways. According to what I've read, a binky is just her way of showing joy. And it gives joy to us to see it.


I need to whip the house into shape for a bit before going to the shop to sew. This is the last big week of sewing.

Surely, the builders installed a reset button on the house somewhere. I keep looking for it. In the meantime, I guess we're loading the dishwasher, cleaning up trails, and sweeping the floors by hand.

I'm not complaining, though. I really do enjoy keeping house.


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