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Doing the House Fairy's Job

Someone else's house fairy.

I'm about to fire my house fairy. She's just not doing her job. Friday nights are the worst for her.

Kara worked very hard with me to organize every last bit of her room. Several bags of trash and a couple bins of giveaways later, she has a nice, clean (clear) room again.

On the clearing out thought: I have to take a bird's-eye view of a room, determine the main purpose (or top 2-3) of that room, then clear out everything that doesn't fit into that purpose. Often that means fodder for the firepit or carloads of usable schtuff going to the thrift store. (I don't have the bandwidth to deal with the stress of a garage sale.)

For Kara, when we got down to the last bits of who-knows-what that were in her room, she was getting overwhelmed looking at the pile as a whole, so I cupped my hands around a section the size of a dinner plate, told her to pick out what she wanted, then I scooped the section into the trash.

We got through so much that way, and she didn't want 95% of the junk. Mainly, though, it broke down the big pile into manageable pieces for her to deal with.

Also, her dealing with her own belongings is important. She hates it when I go through and decide what to keep and what to toss, but she is very good at letting go when she has the final say-so in it.

And I have to be fine with her letting go of some of my favorite things that she has. She's not made in my image; she has her own preferences.

Now, I'm going through the same process for myself with the junk from my shop. While I want to keep sewing for my family and myself, I don't need everything that I had when I was sewing on a bigger scale.

But I love my sewing machines.

I have as many different types of sewing machines as a woodworker has power tools. Toys are so much fun. My shop looked the the sewing version of my dad's wood shop.

On to another productive day of cleaning and tossing.

Time to pick up where my house fairy left off. (I wish I could fire her, but I am the house fairy around here! Sigh.)


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