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Connecting Over "Call of Duty"

I tried to get a little peace and quiet on the deck this morning--just 5 minutes was all I wanted.

But there was a phone call, then Kal came out to talk to me.

Here's where I might be tempted to be quite put out that my time was interrupted, but I chose instead to listen to what he had to say.

The gist of it was a long story about his video games and the strategies he has to enact to get to a certain goal. These are first-person shooter games. Not what I want him on, but since Daddy is okay with it, I just cringe on the inside.

He had a blast telling me the story; I just enjoyed being out on the deck with him and getting a glimpse into his thoughts. That turned into one of the best moments of the day for both of us.

It's easy to be upset when my plans are upset--which is every day.

Life has a way of changing our perspective, though, with the death of a loved one, our children growing up way too fast, and the knowledge that time is finite.

I'm glad we had that time.

Lest you think I'm always adopting the perfect perspective, I also had a time tonight that I was interrupted by the kids asking me to lay down with them, and I could have just changed course right then, but I didn't. It's hard for me to shift direction without a little warning.

Eventually, I did go in and lay down with them, which they love before they go to sleep. Still working on shifting direction gracefully when my children just need me to be around.

On another note, Kara and I went to Garden Gate Greenhouse to choose a rose bush for her. She had one at the old house that was her special rose bush. Now she'll have one at the new house.

That, plus some other plants from the greenhouse and starts from my mom, will help to transform the dirt patches we currently have.

Kris mowed the yard for the first time this year over the weekend. It's nice to have the weeds all the same length.

We're moving patio bricks to repurpose somewhere in the yard, the location to be determined yet. We had no idea the patio was there when we bought the house, it was so full of weeds.

Also, I painted the front door. It was on a general to-do list, though not today's list. But I got the urge and just did it this afternoon.

Yet another day of some things done, lots not, but a day full of happy memories.


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