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Add a Catchy Title About Wisconsin

The blog prompt on my Wix site tells me to add a catchy title to my post. Sometimes I feel creative, and other times I'm grasping for something beyond the current date. So, here's my commitment to... oh, who cares! I won't always think of a catchy, creative title.

We're in Wisconsin, the kids and I are, visiting my sister and her family. I love driving and interstate driving is fun. I'm interested in the different places and scenery to be seen.

Driving around Chicago, we stopped at an Oasis for lunch. Yummy Sbarro's. Spinach stromboli for me; pepperoni pizza and garlic bread sticks for the kids. We sat over the traffic to watch it while we ate.

Traffic was interesting. Kal and Kara counted the cars until they lost interest. I just got mesmerized looking at the steady stream of cars and trucks. It looked like a river almost the way it just kept coming and coming, never stopping.

Wisconsin is beautiful. The first time I visited the state was as a young adult. I came home with a homes catalog from the local realtors. That was during the days of no constant connection to the internet. No Zillow; no online looking at houses.

I live in Peru, Indiana. Wisconsin never became my home, but I love visiting. The trees and snow are peaceful. No snow this time because it's feeling like Easter instead of Christmas in the Midwest. There's always a part of me that is attracted to the log lodges with huge fireplaces, pine trees, snow up to your knees, red plaid, and hot chocolate that never ends.

Real rest and relaxation is possible for me when I'm out of state, physically removed from home and shop responsibilities.

I will relish this weekend, ideally coming home refreshed and ready to tackle the goals I have for the rest of Christmas break. Or I might just crash a bit after the drive.


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