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Snow. Yay!

My children's faces lit up when they awoke and saw the beautiful white world outside. They immediately donned all their snow gear--some of which required creativity--and went to play outside before breakfast and school.

The creativity came in that Kal has no snow boots, but he's not too far behind Kris in size, so I let him use Kris's work boots.

Kara has new snow boots, but no real gloves, only the sock type of glove that does nothing to protect against wet snow. She wore Kal's old gloves that were too small for him, and he wore other gloves.

Also, the coat that fit Kal a few days ago is too small, so he says. I think he's bluffing. We'll look at it later today. I thought I'd checked off that box for the winter. Sigh.

They played happily in the snow until Kara came in mad at Kal for smearing snow in her face. I'm trying hard to teach him that girls don't like to have snow smeared into their faces. Anybody want to lend a boy today to play with Kal so they can smear snow in each other's faces and have a grand ol' time?

Bunny in snow
Ginger in the snow

This was Bunny's first real snow. She wasn't quite sure what to think of it, hopping around and flicking snow off her hind legs.

We had only a dusting of snow a few weeks ago which she played in for a bit. We used to have real winters, you know, with a foot or more of snow all the time. Where did that go?

So while we have a snow day today, since we're on virtual learning, it's not really a snow day. For fun, though, I let the kids drink hot cocoa while working on school this morning.

It's a perfect hot cocoa day.


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