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When I offhandedly asked Kal, my 10-year-old son, what to write about today, he said I should write about him. Here goes.

Kal was the start of big, huge babies for me: nine pounds, eight ounces. He came out charging with his elbow up by his head.

(And this is where Kal takes over writing. He saw me typing, came over, sat on my lap, and took over in the voice of Mom:)

He has been a boy with a big heart and cares about people. But he only has an interest in his video games.

Kal likes video games a lot and when he was 5 years old, he got his first

video game system which was a DS. He has been getting more video games ever

since, like after the DS there was a Wii and now there's a PLAYSTATION 4. Some times

when he is playing I tell him to get off he says, "just a minute" but then it ends up to be 1 or 2 hours.

Back to Mom writing: Kal really does have a big heart. He is empathetic to those who are hurting. I love to hear him pray for people that are on his mind. When Kara is sick, he does kind things for her such as getting her drink, making her comfy (comfort is Kara's love language--she builds nests anywhere she goes), and bringing her something to read.

Kal is also very helpful around the house when he gets on a roll. He'll do some inside, whatever I've put on the list, then he'll go outside and start cleaning up sticks, burning trash (safely) if we have it, and helping Kris with whatever the other outside/garage projects are.

One character trait I love about Kal is that he cares deeply about truth and justice, which is interesting since his name, Kal, is also Superman's name from Krypton, for those who care about, or have a husband who cares about, the alternate universe of the comic world. Superman, of course, has the motto, "Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Where he'll go as an adult is known only to God at this point, but I'm curious, praying daily for the wisdom to train him in the right way, to see how his makeup will affect his life choices.


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